Product Development

Our product development service offers the entire gamut of software product development from developing the product concept, delivery of product, ongoing maintenance and support to the next versions.

Our product development philosophy

If you want to make great products for happy customer's, we must have a product design/development methodology that should provide human solutions to the very human customer's that you serve. Our holistic product development approach includes two critically important aspects:

  • Always keep the end users in mind, right from concept building to the final delivery. New products that deliver superior and unique benefits to the end users have a commercial success rate of 98% compared to 18.4% for undifferentiated products.
  • Develop the new products on time, on budget maintaining a high standard of quality and innovation.

Based on the above holistic design philosophy we always ensure that you will have the end product that is not only robust but also highly competitive to attain market dominance. We always strive to save your money by focusing on the right features that keeps the customer satisfied, not low yield 'nice-to-have' features.

We have successfully developed several products and we understand the complete product development life cycle. We also provide the following services for all your software product development needs.

Software Product concept and visualization

You have a vision to make the end users of your product happy. We will work with you to transform this vision into reality. Many times we discover that there is a wide gap between what our customers want and what they actually need. We always pay attention to our customer's ideas and interests. We carefully and methodically examine our customer's assumptions and requirements and if required we might challenge them in order to help them gain insight. We will leave no stone unturned to cover all aspects of product engineering in order to develop a unique product concept. This ensures that the proposed product is not only user friendly and technologically superior but also fits in well in the intended market.

Product Definition

Once the product definition is properly documented, we build a prototype to ensure whether we have the right model for the proposed product. This helps us determine not only what is to be built but also how it will be built. The higher the fidelity of the final design prototypes, the clearer idea we have of what we are building and at what could be the approximate cost.


The product architecture functions as the building blocks of any product. In this phase we carefully develop the architecture of the product after evaluating all the relevant hardware and software platforms, maintenance and support requirements, porting requirements across various platforms, future enhancement and version controls.


Our product development team, as a whole, takes responsibilities for the strategic direction of the product agenda and road map, as well as developing the product as per the specifications.

Delivery and Testing

Before we deliver the final end product, we work rigorously with the original specifications to ensure that the product is built as planned, before it enters the testing phase. We develop the following test plans and procedures at the project definition phase;

  • Evaluation and selection of third party automated test suites and if required development of testing tools
  • Development of test harness
  • Execution of manual and automated test plans
  • Test Automation using tools like Load runner, Win runner etc
  • Test Results

Implementation and Support

We work with you at the time of the final implementation of the software that includes production launch, preparation of user manual, user training, ongoing maintenance and support. Our ongoing maintenance of the software includes fixing customer reported bugs and change requests.

Future Enhancement

As end users start using the products, companies must plan for the next versions so that the new features can be incorporated in the next version. We work with our client right from the concept development stage and develop pre-defined future version documents. We also provide well-defined version control methodology to ensure smooth transition to higher versions. Apart from this we provide porting service and re-engineering the software to new operating system platforms or technologies as per the business objectives of our customers.

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