User Interface Design

We have conducted many of 1 on 1 user interviews, usability studies and focus groups research to find out who are our customers' users, what do they want, and what sort of features and products will they really like to use.

Functionality requirements gathering : After carefully studying the scope of your project, we prepare a list of the functionality required to accomplish the goals of the project and the needs of the users.

User analysis : This is an important phase to understand the needs of the potential users of the system. We work with our customers to form a focus group of potential users or actual users. We conduct focus group studies and many of 1 on 1 user interviews. We also use software tools to record the eye and finger movements of the users. We have several dozen questionnaires and we customize them as per the requirements of the system under study. All our questionnaires are designed to find out two most important aspects of the system.

  • What are the user's perception about the use of the system
  • What are the users' perception about the ease of use of the system
ui design

Information Architecture : Based on the findings of our user analysis we develop the process and /or information flow of the system

Prototyping : Once we have the process and/or information flow of the system, we develop the prototype of the system in the form of simple interactive screens

Usability Testing : We then test the prototype on an actual user, often using a technique called "Talk Aloud Protocol" where the users are asked to report how they go about while completing a task

Graphic Interface design : We then create the actual look and feel of the final graphical user interface (GUI)

Usability for the web

"Usability rules the web. If the customer can't find a product, then he or she will not buy it. The web is ultimate customer empowering environment. He or she who clicks the mouse gets to decide everything. It is so easy to go elsewhere; All the competitors in the world are but a mouse click away."

Jackob Nielson
Author of 'Designing Web Usability'

Web design is complex because it functions to facilitate the interface between man and computers and to organize information, so that the objectives of the web designer are met.

One compelling element for web design is, the role of time in people's behavior. People will abandon a web site if they get lost or if the site is difficult to navigate.

Our usability experts will provide you all the important inputs you need to effectively design your web site. If you have an existing web site let us evaluate your web usability and give you our suggestion as to whether or not your site is effectively accomplishing your goals.

This is absolutely a free, no obligation service.

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