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Web designing is complex process because it functions to facilitate the interface between men and computers and to organize information so that the objectives of the web designer are met.

One compelling element for web design is the role that time plays in manipulating a person's behavior. People will abandon a web site if they get lost or if the site is difficult to navigate.

Why a well-designed quality web site is needed?

  • Internet does not guarantee competitive advantage.
  • Customers have too many choices - web site, brick and motor.

Usability measures the ease with which a user can learn to operate, prepare, feed inputs for and interpret outputs of a system or component.

When we extend this concept to the web, web usability refers to how easily users of a website can achieve whatever they want from the website.

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"Usability rules the web. If the customers can't find a product, then he or she will not buy it. The web is the ultimate customer empowering environment. He or she who clicks the mouse gets to decide everything. It is so easy to shift to a different website; all the competitors worldwide are just a click away."

Jackob Nielson
Author of 'Designing Web Usability'

Four Factors that make your web site stand apart from the crowd

  • System Quality (Functionality)
  • Information Quality (Content)
  • Service Quality
  • Attractor

What impresses customers is not fancy presentation but functionality

Our usability experts will provide you all the important input required to effectively design your web site. If you have an existing web site let us evaluate your web usability and give you our suggestion as to whether or not your site is effectively accomplishing your goals.

This is absolutely a free, no obligation service.

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